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  • Write your book                            
  • Make art
  • Become abundantly creative
  • Find and follow callings
  • Live authentically
  • Deepen spiritual connection
  • Love and enjoy the body


I coach people who want to unleash their creativity in work, life and play.
Coach with me if you want to

  • find out that you are infinitely creative
  • turn creative urges into realized projects - books, performances, crafts, artwork
  • explore creativity as a spiritual path
  • instill creativity as a way of life

I am uniquely qualified to help you as a coach and creator.  Free your native creativity and discover how alive, fun and stimulating the creative life can be.  Let me help you craft a more fulfilling life!

Nancy has been coaching in private practice since 1997, and is faculty with the internationally-renowned Coaches Training Institute.


"I had been stuck in a painful, frustrating work-life, with little or no connection to the values that make me who I am.  Nancy Conger's coaching helped me to identify those values and to ask how I might honor them in my work life.  Her coaching helped me to liberate myself from self-limiting beliefs (my "saboteurs") that hindered any attempt at personal change or growth.  Her coaching also helped me to identify my own internal and external resources that I would use to face "real world" logistical and financial questions as I moved toward a more values-based life.  Nancy has great insights, her requests and challenges pushed me to define my values, goal, desires and resources.

By the way, I never thought I needed such help.  In fact, the idea of "life coaching" seemed to me just another form of new-age snake oil.  I am independent-minded, a skinflint and pennypincher.  I was also fearful and self-deceived.  Thanks to Nancy, I am now enjoying the excitement of facing the world with my values, not my fears, in the foreground."
    -John K., St. Paul, MN


Contact Information:
Nancy Conger, CPCC
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