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                                                                             Developed with and directed by Christine McHugh

YEE-HAW!  Grab onto your hats and take a wild ride through  topics of love, sex, death, beauty, aging, and more as seen  through the eyes of 11 unforgettable characters and their horses.  You'll laugh, cry, and be disturbed in full measure as you enter the crazy, profound and daring mind of award winning playwright, Nancy Conger.  
      Scheduled Performances:



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food_for_something_else.jpg (7639 bytes) Food for Something Else
Meet a retired teacher who trades in her car  for a horse to start living sustainably.

Wurm.jpg (8347 bytes)Bring Out Your Dead
The driver of a rendering truck, Sandy Wurm, picks up dead horses for a living and gives us her matter-of-fact views about death.


Top of the world.jpg (72661 bytes)Top Of The World
A seven-year-old reminds us of the confidence and power of young girls as she charges around on her stick horse and   makes plans to buy a pony with her $318.00. 


I_just_Love_em.jpg (8027 bytes)I Just Love 'Em
See fanaticism in the horse lover form!



young_and_pretty.jpg (6590 bytes)
I Need 'Em Young & Pretty
A Saddlebred rider grooms herself for competition, ruminating on trading in her 16-year-old horse for a younger, fresher one, as she fights her own aging.

Watch_me_run.jpg (7090 bytes)Watch Me Run
A woman finds her power through the horse



Its_their_butts.jpg (8088 bytes)It's Their Butts
There's so much to love about a horse! Hear her tell all.



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   Scheduled Performances

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Morning Edition with Cathy Wurzer:

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*** Testimonials ***

Here's what audiences are saying about
  "The Truth About Women and Horses

  • "It left me feeling deeply satisfied with what is true and right about life - what a gift!"  Elyse Napolitano, San Francisco, CA
  • "You made me laugh, cry, think, get angry, love deeply, and you pushed me to some uncomfortable edges, and did I say it made me laugh?   Brilliant!"   Sandi Davis, CA
  • "After the performance I said the show was remarkable.  Now I call it extraordinary.  The feeling and insights in your writing and performing were a work of artistic beauty.  The messages and memories you've left me with are awesome - in the true sense of the word."  Earl McGovern, MN
  • "I haven't stopped thinking about your one-woman show.  It was one of the best shows I've seen in a long, long time.  What hilarity!  What creativity!   What poignant messages about women, men and kids and the animal world and our natural spirit."  Jeff Jacobson, CA
  • "Your show was absolutely wonderful.  All 11 skits were right on.  We loved your social and political messages as well as the humor."  Jean & Joe Crocker, Cambridge, MN
  • "It was a smashing success.  She had the audience laughing, crying, embarrassed, delighted, and more.  She makes us see what we are capable of, both love and brutality, seeing our humanness.  Everyone I talked to was moved deeply."   Mike Kulczyk, St. Paul, MN
  • "These monologues were specifically crafted not only to entertain, but also to provide food for thought. If ever there were a show perfectly suited for a ladies' night, it is this one."   -Duluth News Tribune

  • "Nancy Conger brought the house down with her delightful one-woman show."
    -Chisago County Press

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