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Join the fun and reserve your seat for this eye-opening, laugh-a-minute and profound performance by Nancy Conger...

  Religion the way you've always wanted it!   Games!  Prizes!  Choices!  Keep the wine and song, lose the hate and judgment.  Find the God you enjoy and have fun with religion for a change.    Join playwright and performer Nancy Conger for this irreverent, reverent and relevant look at what we make up about God.


Media Reviews:

"Theater Associates scores again with Nancy Conger's luminous new production.

Against a silk-draped table, coat rack and wicker basket of folded fabrics, Ms. Conger's high energy flows through ten witty scenarios and costume changes to show how humankind has related to its Creator down through the centuries.

      Bridged by Carol King-type ballads and exuberant gospel, each scene is an independent facet of one complete gem.  An early scene shows a Human Relations manager dealing with potential legal infractions in the workplace -  is it unlawful to hang a Christmas wreath in the elevator? Is that manger scene in the employee lounge offensive to some?  At the same time, management policy must give equal treatment to all faiths by assigning a day to celebrate each one - except that there are no longer enough days in the year to honor each one!  Religions now exceed the bounds of orderliness and can no longer be contained by rules - diversity has multiplied exponentially to the point where we've become helpless.  Are we approaching chaos yet? If you get the idea that this show is about religious issues, you're right - but if you think you have all the answers, be warned!

      Another numinous scene takes us through seven phases of a woman's spiritual quest.  She recalls her childhood state of grace when she simply communed with a God who was both great and good.  Her faith became successively complicated by teachings of the Trinity and an unpleasantly authoritarian God Squad.  As a young adult, she turns to the Great Spirit and the sweat lodge ceremonies of Native America; and later toward the enlightenment and compassion of Buddhist thought.  By age forty, she considers herself a "blue-domer - the world is my cathedral, and all the science, religion and art it may contain."  Her personal and spellbinding revelations to a rapt crowd continue, concluding with an arresting incarnation of the Subject.

     Conger generously builds in audience participation by inviting folks to write a sentence beginning "God is …  ",  later randomly selecting and reading several of them, creating an appealing opportunity to share the perceptions of our neighbors." 

--Stillwater Gazette


"Playwright/actor Nancy Conger creates one of the best solo performances at the Fringe in this provocative and comic look at religion.  From the game show, "What Was God Thinking?" to dialing 1-900-GOD-SHOP, Conger embodies a range of characters including a Gen-X hacker, preppy game-show host and God Herself - with a Russian accent."
        -Pulse of the Twin Cities


"Nancy Conger did a stunning job of taking God outside the box and showing us that the face of God is available in every person we meet as well as reminding us that we also represent the face of God to the world.  She did it with grace and humor, leaving her audience filled with gratitude we had attended."
        -Inter-County Leader, Northern Currents

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