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My book, Sensuous Living, shows you how to reawaken senses you may have taken for granted to heighten every moment of your life    Fun-to-do exercises will put you in touch with the world of sensuous pleasure that surrounds you every moment.  Relish the touch of sun-dried sheets on your skin.    Savor a juicy peach.  Attune to tiny auditory pleasures that surround you.  

An adventure of the senses awaits you.  Take time to revel in the delight they can bring.  Experience the zest that comes from truly living in every moment.


Tune In to Your Senses & Awaken to Life's Wonders

Journey into a wondrous world of delight and pleasure: the senses!  Tune into what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch every day, and learn to treasure what you may have been taking for granted.

Most of us revel in our senses unabashedly as children, but societal norms gradually train us to be too busy or disconnected from ourselves to savor them fully.  By intentionally practicing sensuous ways of living, you can regain the art of finding beauty in simple things.

This guide provides activities to help you engage fully in life through your senses.  Delight in the sensory symphony that surrounds you.  Practice the deliciously pleasurable and fun techniques in this book and heighten every moment of your life.. You're entitled!

  • Enjoy your life more - without posessing any more money, vacation time or education than you have now
  • Learn how to awaken your senses to get the most pleasure from them - and how to increase their capabilities
  • Integrate all of your senses through five special activities
  • Gain insight into the "hows and whys" of your sense of smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight
  • Designate a specific daily event as your "sensual reminder" to stay tuned in to your senses
  • Expand your sense horizons through your sense of balance and your solar, magnetic and electrical senses


Sensuous Living, Expand Your Sensory Awareness is available for $12.95 plus Shipping & Handling,  To purchase, click below:

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