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It was my 11th year in the corporate world, serving as manager of employee relations for a national insurance company, when I had an awakening: If I do not create the life I really want, it will never happen.

What I really wanted was to work with peoples' whole lives, not just the work-related part. In 1996 I left my job and began a private practice that I called "life consulting." I was passionate about helping people create lives of great satisfaction.

A year later "life coaching" crossed my radar screen, and I saw that it was what I was doing! I took training through the best coaching school available (The Coaches Training Institute), then got certified as a professional coach, and now am a trainer for that organization. I continue to have a private practice of coaching clients, along with speaking and writing.

"You know how some cultures have these "ritual clowns" who could open up to the doorway between worlds?  They helped people drop their preconceptions and open up to new learning.  Having seen you in action, I see some of that in you, as if you had that lineage in you in some way."
        -Joan McMahon, Denver, CO

I am always creating my life to be more in line with my purpose of waking people up to greater aliveness. In addition to my coaching and speaking, here's a taste of other ways I do it:
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I live an hour from the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, in an 1800's farmhouse nestled among woods, fields, and lakes. I make this home with my husband Tom and a dog that outweighs me! Tom and I entertain often, read aloud, go on wilderness trips, and stay present on the path of conscious marriage.

Many days find me outdoors as much as possible, walking the woods, jumping on the trampoline, biking country by-ways or canoeing the nearby St. Croix river

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Nancy Conger, CPCC
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