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A vibrant keynote Speaker you'll never forget!

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"We asked Nancy to pull our conference together and send the participants home on a high note.  She did just that.  With her unique blend of charm, wit, energy and humor, she had us laughing and clapping, and understanding on a deeper level what pulling together was all about."

Marty Harding, Executive Director, Communities Investing in Families


Sample Keynote Topics:

  • Awakening the Creative Spirit
  • Beauty and Body in America*
  • Becoming a Woman of Substance *
  • When God Was Fun**

*  Includes monologues from "The Truth about Women & Horses"
**Includes scenes from "When God Was Fun"


Contact Information:
Nancy Conger, CPCC
Copyright  2012 - 2013 Nancy Conger, CPCC PCC.  All rights reserved.