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003.jpg (33646 bytes)Sample corporate workshops:

  • Coaching for Performance
  • Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leaders
  • Innovation and Teamwork Camp

"Thank you for helping us grow as a team.  Your workshop around perspectives and vision for our future was an incredible way for us to gain personal insight!  The exercises you took us through and the information that you shared has been a catalyst for deeper relationships and has helped us move forward together - as a team."
Nikki Caillier, Medtronic


Partial Client List:

  • Kentucky Department of Public Health
  • Fredrickson-Byron
  • National Public Health Leadership Development Network
  • MN Department of Health Emerging Leaders Network
  • Medtronic
  • Minnesota Life
  • National Public Health Leadership Conference
  • Minnesota Coaches Association
  • Help Systems, Inc.
  • Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute
  • St. Croix Hospital Auxiliary
  • Puerto Rico Public Health Leader Network
  • ReMark

"I work for an innovative direct marketing firm in the financial services and insurance industry.  We pride ourselves on our ability to "think outside the box" to provide our clients with greater expertise and greater returns through our wealth of expertise in designing marketing solutions.  We partnered with Nancy Conger, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and we far exceeded our goal of a team work activity.  Nancy's creative approach allowed our team to focus on skills we employ every day in our corporate environment, such as communication, creativity, planning, etc.  She took our ability to "think outside the box" to new levels.

Nancy's warm up exercises and the actual activity itself forced everyone to get outside their comfort zones and explore and push their creative limits.   The creativity that Nancy inspires in our team was indescribable.  The group was literally moved by the experience and the creativity their fellow co-workers displayed.

I would highly recommend Nancy to any corporate environment that would like to motivate their teams through exploring their communication and creativity skills.   We constantly reference the event in the workplace when faced with new challenges.   We always say, "this is similar to how we worked through the challenges in that group activity with Nancy."  And we continue to remain successful!
-David Albrecht - ReMark Americas


Contact Information:
Nancy Conger, CPCC
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